About Wells, British Columbia

Wells is a small mining and tourist town in the Cariboo District of central British Columbia, located 74 km from Quesnel. It gains much of its revenue and jobs from tourists who pass through on their way to the Bowron Lake Provincial Park and to the historic destination of Barkerville.

Originally a company town, Wells was managed by Cariboo Gold Quartz Mine. At its heyday of the 1930s, Wells sported 4500 people. In 1942 it had a greater population than Quesnel or Prince George. The closure of the gold and other mineral mines in 1967 took its toll on the town and most of the population moved away. Today it has a listed population of just 237 which triples during the summer months, and dwindles to below 100 during the winter.

Between May and September, Wells sees over 100,000 tourists pass through on their way to Barkerville. Most visitors stay or camp overnight in Wells, which has an active arts and outdoor adventure life of its own.