Spring Activities

Spring time is full of activities in Wells!

Come watch the Barkerville Rush Relay and see the Historic town. There’s even a retreat for Quilters!

Barkerville Historic Town

The largest historic Site in British Columbia. Thousands of visitors from all over the world travel to, the heart of the Great Cariboo Gold Rush to take in this unique heritage attraction. Founded in 1862, Barkerville was “The Gold Capital of British Columbia”. Here Billy Barker dug a Gold Mine Shaft and discovered the mother lode, William Dietz who had the Williams Creek named after him and Ned Stout, Mme Fanny Bendixon, John Bowron, Betty Wendle, Cariboo Cameron, and other famous names are part of Barkerville’s History.

During the summer months the town comes alive with guided tours of the town, Chinatown and the cemetery. There are mining demonstrations, street interpreters, stage coach rides, restaurants, gift shops, photo gallery, bakery, live theatre – the Theatre Royal of Barkerville, numerous demonstrations and over 125 restored or reconstructed buildings with displays to view.

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Barkerville Rush Relay

Quesnel to Barkerville 100 Km – Held on the Victoria Day Weekend. This event follows the gradient-rich Highway 26 from the busy resource town of Quesnel to the Cariboo Gold Rush mountain valleys of Barkerville. You will grind up hills steep and long, and stride past colourful and historic sites such as Lightning Creek, Robber’s Roost and Blessing’s Grave. The slopes are gentle past Jack of Clubs Lake and Barkerville, but then the route turns into a trail to Richfield which then climbs steeply to Summit Rock. Snow is certain to be encountered before retracing the path to finish up in the quaint but welcoming town of Wells.

Sunday May 17, 2009 will see the fifth annual running of this 8-stage relay. Participants in the first event raved about the course and the high standard of race organization, the enthusiasm of the volunteers, the great scenery and the amazing wildlife

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With numerous lakes and rivers in the area the Wells, Barkerville, Bowron Lakes region has endless opportunities for fishers. Jack O’ Clubs Lake, walking distance from Wells, is a lovely spot to put in the canoe and do some evening fishing. Bowron Lake, which can also be enjoyed as a wonderful family day trip, is an excellent spot for fishing and wildlife viewing, especially in the slough at the south end. If you are looking specifically for fishing the region offers a wealth of hidden spots.  Many of the small lakes and rivers are only accessible by hiking, however there are some easily accessible by vehicle. Make sure you pick up a fishing license and a copy of the current regulations before you go. Make sure to take in the Labour Day Fishing Derby at the Jack O’ Clubs Lake in September.

Fish caught in our area – Kokanee and Trout.

Barkerville Quilt Retreat

May 22 – 24 and May 29 – 31 (please confirm dates)

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